How can Virtual Reality change us from our regular lifestyle ?

How can Virtual Reality change us from our regular lifestyle ?

Virtual reality produces a three-dimensional image by the use of computer technology which gives it a reality like an experience.

Virtual reality started back in 1985 by the researchers in Silicon Valley. They tried to explore the arena of virtual reality. However, it was brought to public recognition in 1999 with the science fiction movie- ‘The Matrix’. After that, the concept of virtual reality captured the interest of common people who loved the concept and found it entertaining. With the advent of time, virtual reality that was once used only in fiction has now taken life as a form.

An overview of VR:

Virtual reality produces a three-dimensional image by the use of computer technology which gives it a reality like an experience. It consists of various electronic equipment which is specialised in creating multiple projected environments that trick the human brain into believing the images are real. The equipment involves wearing gloves fitted with sensors or helmet or other machinery that creates realistic images.

The equipment helps in tracking the user’s movements in order to make the individual feel like a part of the computer-generated environment. Two LCD monitors are used which gives an illusion of depth. Virtual reality helps in traveling to places without actually moving.

At present, more than $1.2 billion is invested by venture capitalists for developing new technologies based on virtual reality. Google has invested $542 million in making Magic Leap and other companies like Sony and Samsung are making virtual reality headsets.

How can Virtual Reality change us?

  1. Virtual Reality in Gaming

The power of virtual reality lies in the fact that it tricks the subconscious and renders it unable to distinguish between real and stimulating environments. Even though the user is only playing a game, the subconscious adjusts to the new surroundings as if they are real. The fight or flight response generated is real. (During stressful situations, the brain either takes a fight response where the individual stays put to fight with the situation or flight response where the individual tries to escape from the situation.)

For instance, while using the Oculus Rift Headset and playing a game, the individual tends to duck at things thrown at him during the game. The use of virtual reality in gaming has changed the way children play games. Gaming has become more intense, immersive and even impressive.

  1. Virtual Reality in Education

By the use of virtual reality technology will change the way education systems work. The use of interactive methods like audio and visual devices had already made learning fun. With virtual reality, a child would be able to explore the new dimensions. The child would be able to train himself to do the experiment in a simulator. He would be able to go on a virtual reality field trip to Moon and other space objects. The medical science is also benefiting from virtual reality. The trainee surgeons can perfect their techniques in a realistic environment and test their theory before applying it in real life.

For instance, a doctor took the scans of baby’s heart, uploaded them on his laptop and took a virtual tour of the heart. With this, he could easily perform surgery before time and save the baby by understanding the crux of the problem.

  1. Virtual Reality in Communication

Like the internet has been the torch bearer for bringing the way information is communicated, virtual reality would change the way experiences are communicated. It is also changing the way companies interact with customers and target them. The companies create computer-induced reality and make their customers have a feel good about them. For example, companies dealing with adventure rides often create a virtual reality experience of one of their famous rides for the customers to feel the thrill of.

Another instance, various hotels have employed the use of virtual 3D tour of their hotels in order to entice customers into engaging with them. The 360 virtual tours make the customer experience the luxury of the hotel without paying any fees. This further makes them want to commit to the hotel service and book their rooms.

  1. Virtual Reality in the movies

Even though 3D movies have already enhanced the cinematic experience, mixing it with virtual reality experience boosts up the level. Often the film watchers want to play the role of some character or enter the era of the movie. With virtual reality, the users would be able to do just that. They would be able to see the movie in action, feel it, enter it and see it from different angles.

  1. Virtual Reality in The worldview

Everybody wants to escape reality every once in a while. They want to travel to new places for a refreshing change but social responsibilities tie them down. However, with virtual reality, the users will be able to tour the places without leaving their homes. They can simply relax in their selected place without moving an inch from their sofa. This will further improve the quality of life by exploring the world and experiencing it firsthand.

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