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Accu360 ERP follows standard procedures, making it suitable for Manufacturing, Trading, Construction, Service, and Public Sector industries. It specifically caters to Small, Medium, and enterprises dealing with Multiple warehouse, Multiple Branch, or multiple manufacturing units.
Developed on Node.js, Python, and JS, Accu360 supports multiple databases like MariaDB, ProgressSQL, Oracle 21, and Microsoft SQL. Its browser-based interface ensures easy access, and it recorded 12,000 transactions in just 300 seconds, demonstrating its efficiency. It has Android version as well iOS mobile application version.
Accu360 allows customization through client-end JS and Python technologies, and report preparation is simplified with direct SQL query forms.
Efforts Solutions IT, with its 360° services on digital solutions, delivers tailored end-to-end solutions of any complexity. We invite you to explore the potential of Accu360 for your business success.
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ERP Features Highlight

Easy to Customize

You can tune up Accu360 ERP as per your requirements. With its inbuilt custom scripts functionality you can write good level of logics.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with your team , warehouse and factories. Since Accu360 ERP is a cloud based ERP anyone can access it from anywhere.


Fully connected with SCM or payment gateways to automate business process. Fully equipped with API managers and all the modern requirement.

Production Flow

ERP Software

Story About the ERP Software Solutions

Effective features of the management system provided by Accu360 has been a game changer for Singh Wheels, India. The software provided appropriate ERP solutions which includes data management, GPS tracking, client management, cloud based accounting and many other services which are relevant to improve the organizational stability.

Accu360 Cloud ERP

Accu360 Cloud ERP software is an effective solution to the problem of accessibility in remote locations. With the the help of cloud services, Singh Wheels India is able to expand their services in different places and operate freely.

Integrating Warehouse

Services offered by the Accu360 ERP to analyze and evaluate the crucial real time data is a ground breaking solution to the problem of accuracy in preparing better forecast reports and conducting business practices.

Process Mapping

Integration of automated functions in the software are helpful in building effective relationships with the customers. It further provides assistance to the business to analyze their interests and take suitable market based decisions.

ERP Software Benefits

Operational Efficiency

Streamline and optimize your business workflows with our comprehensive ERP software modules. From finance to HRM, manufacturing, CRM, and more.
Seamlessly scale your operations to accommodate business growth. Our adaptable architecture evolves with your business requirements. Drive your business expansion across borders confidently.

Realtime Data insights

Accu360 ERP has played a vital role in providing accurate information about the stock availability and insights which has been resourceful for the busines to reduce their extra costs and save valuable time.

Better process

The ERP software offered by Accu360 aims at enhancing the overall manufacturing process by increasing the quality checks at every stage of the business to ensure standard quality of final products for the customers.

Cash Flow Tracking

ERP software has been fruitful for tracking flow of cash of the organization with appropriate measures for collection of payments and management of funds.

Stock flow Improved

The Accu360 ERP is an effective software for managing stock levels, warehouse needs and billing requirements for increasing organizational productivity.

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